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EST Eqwader™ Two-Tone 1/4 Zip Max-5

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With functionality that is as contrasting as its colors, there is no mistaking what the EST Eqwader™ Two-Tone 1/4 Zip was designed to do. Waterproof protection on top with maximum breathability on bottom delivers optimal comfort in the warm early season.

Our patented Eqwader™ technology (patent #7,318,239) revolutionized waterfowl clothing and has been a core piece of the Drake Waterfowl™ brand since day one. Just like the Earth's equator is the dividing line between two distinct temperate zones, we noticed a similar dividing line on the body when you are wearing chest waders: cold, hostile conditions above the waders, and warm, humid conditions underneath the waders. Our unique combination of waterproof/breathable fabric on the sleeves and upper body matched with ultra-breathable fleece on the lower body introduced a whole new level of comfort and performance when wearing chest waders. The moisture-wicking fleece on the lower torso is 15 times more breathable than the upper waterproof material and works to prevent the build-up of perspiration and moisture vapor. These dual zones of protection keep you dry both inside and outside your waders.

Lanyard and Bands pictured are not included. Bands only come when you hunt and harvest waterfowl that have been banded.

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